Conruton Construction is based in Cape Town, South Africa and has for the past 21 years entrenched itself firmly in the upper end of the local construction industry. 

Conruton’s niche is the very luxurious, upper-end residential market, and that sector of the commercial market that demands product quality  and attention to detail.  Architecture in this sector of the market is, without fail, complex and challenging.  It often begins with involved and imaginative reinforced concrete structures that are then finished to a level of finish that demands superior workmanship and product quality.  Conruton prides itself on being one of the few companies in this industry that has the ability, experience and attention to detail to turn a flight of fancy into reality. 

Conruton’s premise has always been to find the correct combination of skill, experience and commitment to produce a product that mirrors the company’s philosophy of quality, to bring a building into being that not only the professional team can be proud of but, most importantly, a product that our client would be able look upon with pride and satisfaction.